The tulip was first recognized as a symbol for Parkinson's in 1980.

The tulip was first recognized as a symbol for Parkinson’s in 1980.


There is no better time than now
for you to take more control of IT
rather than let IT take more control of you!


We are a community-based support group for people with Parkinson’s and their caregivers, family,¬†and friends. We are an informal organization that offers a relaxed setting to help everyone be more engaged, informed, and connected so as to improve the quality of life today.

Each person’s experience with Parkinson’s is different. We are a diverse group with a common interest to share our experiences and learn from others allowing each of us to develop a personalized plan of action to live well right now.

Please contact us with any questions or better yet, come to our next meeting and see for yourself the real meaning of support!

This is NOT a venture to go solo on.

It is BETTER when we do it TOGETHER!

A Support Group For Friends, Family, Caregivers & Those Living With PD